My last post ever!

Well on this blog at least. I’m going to be switching fully over to so if you want to read anything by me and keep in touch, then go there! Like now! :P

The new blog.

I wanted a fresh start, so I am posting on a new blog and under a new name. If you want to follow me there, the blog is called

Return to blogging?

I was thinking about another return to blogging now that I am starting to get settled into the night life of working third shift, but I was wondering if anyone would still be interested in reading what I have to say. 


The exciting travel tales of my urine

There are many things odd about drug tests. I’m not sure other people’s experiences, but here are some of the things that I find odd.


  1. They took away the handles for the sink before I could be alone to pee and then replaced them after I was done and they had sealed the sample.
  2. I then had to sign my pee, thus authenticating it as my own.
  3. I am given a copy of the paperwork like they expect me to file it away for my records and maybe look back fondly on the day I got to pee into a little cup.


Well, overall, none of that stuff is all that strange, but to me it is a little weird. What I didn’t know at the time was what happened to my pee after I left. When I called a few days later to ask if everything had went through, they said they were still waiting for my drug test results. I thought that was odd because it shouldn’t take that long for a drug test. So I root around for the paperwork I had received after the test to make sure all my information was correct and it seemed to be fine. I then look at the top of the sheet and see that the lab that is going to test my urine sample is in Kansas. So I pee in New York, they then send my pee hundreds of miles away just to do a test that probably takes 20 minutes.

Here is where the story becomes rather sad. I then began to realize that my pee has now seen more of the western United States then I have myself. I have only been as far west as Ohio and my urine is busy touring the Midwest. It just doesn’t seem fair. I should be the one  traveling by Topeka, Kansas and seeing the world wonder that is TruckHenge.

Life is just unfair sometimes. One day I might be able to travel more, though.

The job application process from hell

The main thing that has changed since my last post is that I now have a new job…sort of. A friend of mine convinced me that he could pull some strings and get me a job that paid enough money that being his new roommate would make financial sense. I figured that I’m already a night person so the fact that the job is from 10 PM – 7 AM was not really a deal-breaker and add in the fact that you get paid $2 an hour more for working the night shift and I was pretty much sold on the idea. It was a pretty easy decision. I get to move in with a good friend, save money carpooling to work, and the only drawback is that I have to sleep during the day. Lets face it, I sleep during the day a lot anyways, but now people can’t complain as much because I’ll have a legit excuse.


Day 1: I apply for the job online.

Day 4: I get a call a few days later asking if I can come into an interview at 8:45 PM. I think that is a little late by decide that if that is what I need to do to get the job then I’ll put up with it. I show up and go through the 3 interviews and as they go along I am getting tired and I’m sure not answering the questions all that well. To be fair, though, the questions were not things that you think about on an everyday basis so it wasn’t like I had a bunch of stock answers ready in my mind. (Example: Name a time that you helped a stranger. What was the result?) Finally I complete the interview and they say they will call me again in another few days if things have gone well and then I can sign a job contract.

Day 11: I get a call and sign the offer sheet. I am told that I have 24 hours to go to a drug testing facility that is a 90 minute drive away (and was already closed for the day). I also have to sign a bunch of papers for them to run a background check, a credit check, and a whole plethora of other things.

Day 12: Complete drug test: (More on that tomorrow)

Day 16: I call in to ask how everything is going. They say they don’t have my drug test results in yet but they will call me for orientation when everything is approved.

Day 23: I call again because they still haven’t gotten back to me. I am told that they have approved me to work but they are waiting for the new scheduling period so that I can be assigned some hours.

Day 30: I finally get a call, but instead of being told when I will start actually working, they tell me that they have hired too many people recently and now they don’t have an hours for me. They don’t know when I can start but they will let me know.
And that is the summary of the 30 days of hell (or maybe purgatory is a more apt description) that I have been through trying to get a new job. I have to be one of the few people in the world that have been basically laid-off before they worked their first hour.